Shuttles in Zion National Park

For most of the year Zion National Park offers a free shuttle system with 9 stops throughout Zion Main Canyon. When the shuttles are not running, guests are able to drive private vehicles into the Main Canyon of the park. 
  • You do not need a reservation to use the shuttle services but during peak season, there can be long lines.
  • There is no fee to park at the Zion National Park Visitor Center (shuttle stop #1) and overflow parking (between shuttle #1 and #2). Be sure to get on at shuttle stop #1. 
  • There are certain stops that only pickup on the shuttles return down canyon (#2, #3, and #8).
  • There is paid parking in Springdale if parking is full (which it does).
  • It is about 45 minutes each directions (1.5 hours total).

Note, this information is subject to change - check the Zion National Park website for the most up to date info. 

Shuttle Rules

- No smoking.
- No eating.
- Pets not permitted.

#1 - Visitor Center

- Visitor Cennter 
- Watchman Trail 
- Pa'rus Trail

#2 - Human History Museum

Shuttle stops only on return.
- Zion Human History Museum 
- Pa'rus Trail

#3 - Canyon Junction

Shuttle stops only on return.
- Pa'rus Trail

#4 - Court of the Patriarchs

- Court of the Patriarchs Trail

#5 - Zion Lodge

- Emerald Pools Trails
- The Grotto Trail 
- Sand Bench Trail

#6 - The Grotto

- West Rim Trail 
- Angels Landing
- Kayenta Trail 
- The Grotto Trail

#7 - Weeping Rock

- Weeping Rock Trail
- East Rim Trail 
- Hidden Canyon 

#8 - Big Bend

Shuttle stops only on return.

#9 - Temple of Sinawava

- Riverside Walk
- The Narrows

Zion Ponderosa

Zion National Park Trails

Zion Ponderosa