Utah - Hot Spot for Hotpots

Utah Hot Springs

Home to nearly 7% of what qualifies as a hot spring in the country, there are unique and inviting hot springs all over the state. Hot Springs are a great relaxing outdoor adventure. Some of Utah’s springs are just a trail walk and others a beautiful forested hike. Hot springs visitors enjoy the reward of immersing into hot waters of varying temperatures to relax the body and muscles.


Crystal Hot Springs is one hour north of Salt Lake City and boasts off the charts mineral content as the highest mineral content of any spring in the world. These waters are high in potassium, calcium, and sodium. Crystal Hot Springs makes use of a hot spring and a cold spring to create a perfect soak. Crystal is a great spot for the whole family, with a slide and water temperatures suitable for all ages. Temperatures at Crystal Hot Spring range approximately 65-130 degrees. Crystal Hot Springs has camping sites for rent, bathroom/shower facilities, and food/drink for purchase.


This hot spring is near Fillmore Utah just west of the freeway in a town called Meadow. These gorgeous springs are on private property but respectful guests are welcome. One of the pools is a 25 foot deep body of water with a temperature of about 100 degrees. Meadow Hot Spring is dog friendly with year round access. What is fun about Meadow is not just the depth, but the chance you may even spot a fish!


Diamond Fork Hot Springs are 30 minutes from Provo Utah up Diamond Fork Canyon. This is a 4.5 mile out-and-back hike in the summer and a 10 mile round trip in the winter (because of road closure). These springs show off some dazzling and creamy blue waters along a free flowing river. There are many different pools scattering the hillside, each with varying depths and temperatures. A true spectacle of brightly colored waters, rivers, forest, and rocks.


Pack dry clothes to hike out of. Bring headlamps if hiking in the dark.


Baker Hot Springs can be found in Utah’s West Desert region, near the Utah/Nevada border. Very remote in nature and upkeep is minimal, this natural spring offers three small cemented soak pools and a faucet to control and get the temperature just right. Road to access these hot springs can be rough, it is recommended to have a vehicle with higher clearance. Baker Hot Springs offers a unique opportunity to soak in relaxing isolation.


Mystic Hot Springs is located in Monroe Utah, a 2.5 hour drive from Salt Lake City. Situated on a hillside, there are 2 pools and 6 different bathtubs with temperatures ranging approximately from 100 to 110 degrees. Mystic Hot Springs is a unique location with rustic vibes and cozy onsite accommodations. There are restored hippy style buses, pioneer cabins, and tent sites. Visitors can stay the night but all wishing to enjoy the pools need a soak pass.


Also located in Monroe Utah, Red Hill Hot Springs is privately owned and has been kindly opened to the public. They offer 4 relatively shallow and small pools with varying temperatures and very easy access from the parking lot nearby.


45 minutes south of Salt Lake City is Inlet Hot Springs, also known as Saratoga Hot Springs. These springs are popular because of their easy access and urban location. Inlet Hot Springs are shallow and can be quite murky/muddy. Visitors enjoy the short forested trail to these lakeside springs. These springs are open year round but do close at 10pm.


Veyo is a canyon hot spring resort nestled in southern Utah just north of St. George Utah. Veyo Pool is a commercialized resort that features a 89 degree geothermal warm springs pool suitable for all ages. This resort offers food and a variety of lodging including camping, RV sites, and vacation homes.


Ogden Hot Springs is located in Ogden Canyon just off the byway. It is a short trail walk from the roadside to several springs along the river and hillside. The water here is about 100 degrees with pools that vary in depth and temperature.


Known as Utah’s Desert Oasis, this warm spring is located in Millard County in the west desert. A mild 81 degrees temperature, Gandy Warm Springs is a very family friendly and inviting location with clear pools of water, waterfalls, and caves to explore. As a result of the mild temperatures, it is best to visit in spring, summer, or fall.