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Provo River

Provo River Fishing and Recreation

Provo River is a blue ribbon fishing location and boasts great year round fishing. The Provo River offers some of the finest fishing and recreation in the state. This river begins in the Uintas in Wasatch County and ends at Utah Lake in Utah County and is just over 70 miles long. The Provo River feeds into the gorgeous Jordanelle and Deer Creek reservoirs. It is these reservoirs that break the river into its three distinct sections. Each section is unique and has something spectacular to offer.


Upper - This is the first portion of the river and gets its start in the high Uintas and concludes in the Jordanelle. The upper portion is the biggest stretch of river with a good portion of river winding through private land. An upper Provo River highlight is the Provo River Falls that are very beautiful and just a short walk from the Mirror Lake Highway in the Uintas. 

Middle - Middle Provo River is a 12 mile stretch that starts at Jordanelle Reservoir and concludes at Deer Creek Reservoir. This section sandwiched between two beautiful reservoirs offers easy access fishing and is particularly gorgeous, flowing through canyons, meadows, and farms. This section highlights Brown Trout that can be found in high quantities near the dams. 

Lower - Begins at Deer Creek Reservoir and takes a journey through Provo Canyon to its end at Utah Lake. Lower Provo River runs alongside the lovely Provo River Parkway Trail, Bridalveil Falls, and past many beautiful parks. Lower Provo River is host to river rafting/floating and amazing fishing. Some of the biggest rainbow trout catches in the state have been made on the lower section of the Provo River. 

Things To Do


The river gets its Blue Ribbon status because of the natural habitat, great outdoor experience, and benefits to the economy. There are thousands of fish per square mile. Brown, Cutthroat, Brook and Rainbow Trout and some of the fish that can be found in the Provo River. 


Summertime locals and visitors love taking a float down the Provo River. There are many outfitters that provide a seamless experience to enjoy a float down the Provo River. 


15 miles of trail along the river that begins up Provo Canyon at Vivian Park, past Bridal Veil Falls and goes all the way to the river's end at Utah Lake.


A beautiful park up Provo Canyon situated on the shores of the Provo River. This park offers restroom facilities, a playground, pavilions, and even a stocked pond to fish from.


This beautiful 600 foot waterfall is just a short walk, suitable for all ages and capabilities. Below the falls and just off the Provo River Trail is a small pond that visitors enjoy wading and playing in.


  • Provo River Falls 
  • Utah Lake State Park 
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