Utah Facts

Utah Unique Facts:

Dark Skies: Utah has designated more International Dark Sky areas than anywhere on planet on earth.  Dark sky viewing locations are found throughout the state of Utah.

Eagles: In winter Utah is the host to the largest population of Bald Eagles in the lower 48 U.S. states.

Famous Performers: Actors and entertainers such as Jewel, Donny Osmond, Elaine Bradley, Roseanne Barr, Jaime Bergman, Wilford Brimley, James Woods, Matthew Davis, Jared Rushton, and Gedde Watanabe were born in Utah.  Many others have chosen to make Utah their home such as; Robert Redford, Katherine Heigl, and Ty Burrell.

Famous People: Philo T. Farnsworth (Inventor of Television), Don Lind (Astronaut), John M. Browning (Browning Firearms), Nolan Bushnell (Atari Inventor), Jerry Buss (Owner LA Lakers), Steve Young (NFL Quarterback), and more.

Great Salt Lake: The Great Salt Lake is the world's eighth largest terminal lake, and is generally three to five times saltier than the ocean.  It is the remnant of a large freshwater lake, now labelled as Lake Bonneville, that once covered approximately one-third of Utah. The salinity of the Great Salt Lake is dependent on how much fresh water is added or deleted from the lake during any given year.  The percentage of salt content in the lake makes for greater buoyancy and therefore greatly enhances the ability for a human to float.  Depending on water levels the lake is generally no deeper than approximately 32 feet.  The lake itself is situated at 4,200' (1,280m) above sea level.

Mountain Peaks: Utah mountains are part of the Rocky Mountain range and there are many peaks near the 12,000' level and Kings Peak is 13,500' high.

Movie Locations: Utah is a significant destination for the movie and television industry with over 900 movies and TV series filmed in Utah. Significant films are: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Back To The Future III, Planet of The Apes, Footloose, Independence Day, Galaxy Quest, The Sand Lot, Forest Gump, and the list goes on.
Native American Tribes in Utah: These include the Paiute, Ute, Goshute, Shoshone, and Navajo tribes of Native Americans.

Notch Peak: The second highest vertical drop in the continental U.S. (second to Half Dome in Yosemite. Notch Peak is a beautiful West Desert hike that offers spectacular views of the valley below. You may even spot a wing suited base jumper.

Scenic Byways: Utah is home to Utah Scenic Byway 12 which is a nationally designated All American Road, and rated by some as one of the top scenic byways in America. Utah also has eight other designated scenic byways.

Scenic Wonders: Utah lays claim to what may be the world's highest concentration of natural scenic attractions; five national parks and a large number of national monuments and recreation areas, all in very close proximity.

Ski/Summer Resort: Utah is home to 15 different Ski and Snowboarding resorts that also offer summer-time activities such as UTV/ATV tours, mountain biking, hiking, and more.  America's current top-rated Ski Resort, Deer Valley, is located in Utah just east of Salt Lake City.

Temperatures (High/Low): Utah's Peter Sinks (8,100' above sea level) has recorded one of the coldest temperatures in the contiguous United States at 69 degrees below zero.  St. George Utah has recorded Utah's highest temperature at 117 degrees.

Utah Businesses: Many businesses have seen their beginnings in Utah including; Purple Mattress, Kodiak Cakes, Blendtec, Browning Arms, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Cotopaxi, Cafe Rio, Nu Skin, Skywest Airlines, and many more.

Utah Snow: Snow in Utah is said to arrive often in a light and very powdery form.  Many people claim that Utah has the Greatest Snow On Earth for skiing and snowboarding.  It is postulated that the snow that falls over Utah is actually drier than in other places, and the snow crystals form in such as fashion as to make the initially fallen snow more powder-like. This lighter and more fluffy snow is easier and more enjoyable to ski through than wet and heavy snow in other locations.

Utah Territory: At one time the state of Utah was actually a territory that encompassed all, or part-of, many surrounding states.

Utah Frequently Asked Questions:

Named after the Ute tribe of Native Americans
Currently 3.25 million and growing.
Salt Lake City
King's Peak - 13,534' (in Uintah Mountains)
Beaver Dam Wash - 2,180' (near St. George, Utah)
1896 (45th State of the United States)
It is the remnants of an inland sea.
The word Mormon is a nickname given historically to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because of their belief in an ancient record called the Book of Mormon. Mormon was a man who lived anciently on the American continent. Mormon compiled together many writings that recorded the history and dealings of people who lived in America between 2,500 b.c. and 400 a.d. This book is believed to be another testament of Jesus Christ and a companion to the Christian Bible. Learn more...

Utah State symbols

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Utah State Animal: Rocky Mountain Elk
Utah State Fish: Bonneville Cutthroat Trout
Utah State Insect: Honey Bee
Utah State Bird: California Seagull


Utah State Fossil: Allosaurus
Utah State Gem: Topaz
Utah State Mineral: Copper
Utah State Rock: Coal
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Utah State Flower: Sego Lily
Utah State Tree: Quaking Aspen
Utah State Historic Vegetable: Sugar Beet
Utah State Fruit: Cherry
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State Symbols

Utah State Cooking Pot: Dutch Oven
Utah State Folk Dance: Square Dance