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Fishing in Utah

Fishing is a popular pastime in Utah, offering anglers a wide variety of fish species to choose from. There are more than 200 lakes and reservoirs throughout the state, as well as numerous rivers, streams, and creeks that offer some of the best fishing opportunities in the country. With its varied topography and diverse climate, Utah is an ideal destination for anglers looking to catch a wide range of species, from wild trout and Kokanee Salmon to Catfish and Walleye.

The most popular fishing locations in Utah are along the Bear River, Strawberry Reservoir, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Jordanelle Reservoir, and the Green River. The Great Salt Lake is home to an abundance of sport fish and is well known for its trophy-sized largemouth bass. There are also plenty of Crappie, Bluegill, Whitefish, and Striped Bass in the lake. Bear River offers good fishing for trout as well as an assortment of other warm water species. The Strawberry Reservoir is a popular destination for anglers seeking larger trout, while Flaming Gorge Reservoir is a great spot for walleye and smallmouth bass.

Anglers should check the regulations that apply to Utah's waters before they go fishing, as there are many restrictions in place designed to conserve fish populations. A valid Utah state fishing license is required for anyone over age 12, and all anglers must abide by size and catch limits. Fish stocking programs are in place throughout the state, and anglers can find out what species are stocked in a particular waterway before they go fishing.

Utah is also home to several popular ice fishing destinations, including Bear Lake, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Pineview Reservoir, and Deer Creek Reservoir. Ice fishing opportunities vary from lake to lake. The best ice fishing is usually found in smaller, shallower lakes where the fish are concentrated. Ice anglers must be sure to check the thickness of the ice before heading out on the lake.

Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a premier fishing destination for anglers in Utah, located on the border of Utah and Idaho. This large lake is home to many species of fish, including Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Bonneville Whitefish, and Kokanee Salmon. Anglers can find good numbers of both trophy-sized rainbow trout and smaller cutthroat trout throughout the lake. Fishing is usually best in the spring and early summer months, when the warm water temperatures attract large numbers of fish.

Strawberry Reservoir

Strawberry Reservoir is a major fishing destination in Utah, located east of the Wasatch Mountains. The lake is stocked with several million fish each year, making it one of the most productive fisheries in Utah. Fishing is best during the spring and early summer months when the water temperatures are ideal for the fish. There are several public access points around the lake, and anglers can find boat ramps, marinas, and other amenities to make their fishing experience more enjoyable.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir

If you're looking for record-breaking trout and kokanee salmon, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is the place to be. Visitors from around the world come to this 91-mile-long reservoir, where they are greeted by diverse and colorful landscapes that will leave a lasting impression.

History buffs will appreciate that Flaming Gorge dam was completed in 1963, and since then, it has become known for its wildlife management and record-setting catches. In fact, the area's name was inspired by John Wesley Powell's 1869 expedition, when the crew saw rays of sunlight reflecting off the red and orange hues of the canyon walls, making them look like they were on fire. Today, you can witness the same stunning shale buttes, sandstone cliffs, and quartzite canyons towering above the cobalt waters, all while enjoying the plentiful fishing opportunities. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Jordanelle Reservoir

Escape the hustle of city life at Jordanelle State Park, a popular retreat located on the eastern edge of the Wasatch Mountains. Boasting the stunning Jordanelle Reservoir and surrounded by Salt Lake City, Heber, and Park City (known for exceptional fishing), this park is a haven for locals seeking adventure and relaxation. Expect a flurry of boat activity during the summer, but don't let that deter you from indulging in watersports or enjoying the thriving fishing scene. The reservoir is fed by the Provo River and offers unparalleled opportunities to catch bass and trout. Choose from three distinct areas, including Hailstone (the most well-known and visited), Rock Cliff, and Ross Creek, each offering their own unique charm. Hailstone, situated on the western banks, is overflowing with amenities such as boat ramps, rentals, fish cleaning stations, and marina, complete with a fishing tackle store. Although you may need to share the water with others, tackling the waves and bountiful fishing opportunities make it well worth your while.

Green River

Discover a riparian oasis on the Green River, where ample water flow and varied structure provide the perfect conditions for large rainbow and brown trout. Fly-fishers can drift through the A, B, and C sections while sight fishing with top-water fly choices. Watch yellow sallies and blue-winged olives flutter by, enticing trout to make very bad decisions. Don't miss this thriving fishery with year-round 40-60 degree water temperatures and stunning sandstone landscapes.