730 Miles of Wild Adventure

Green River

The Green River is a great way to experience white water rafting.

The Green River traverses high mountain ranges and desert land. This river begins in the Wind River Mountains out of Wyoming and lives 730 miles of life, until it meets the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park. This river passes through three states (Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado) and multiple canyons and spends most of its existence (450 of the 750 miles) in Utah with a 40 mile stint in Colorado. This river joins the Colorado River for good at Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands just south of Moab Utah. The two rivers in this area create a remote and magical river experience for outdoor adventurists looking for a remote and wild thrill.


It is not certain where the river gets its name, one theory is the name comes from a mountain man of 1825, another, the green colored soapstone banks along the river way. Some suggest it is the green vegetation the river fosters and others believe it was named after the greenish color of the water. No one is sure but either way, the Green River has played an important role in the development and enjoyment of the land that surrounds it.


This river is filled with recreational opportunities from a weekend getaway at Flaming Gorge to a wild rafting ride down Split Mountain Canyon. It is important to understand the Green River is relatively untamed (dammed at only one point) and can be impacted significantly by weather and other factors. It is important to understand the stretch of river you will encounter and how to best prepare for your adventure.

Areas of interest

  • Red Canyon
  • Browns Park 
  • Kingfisher Canyon
  • Horseshoe Canyon
  • Whirlpool Canyon
  • Yampa Plateau 
  • Desolation Canyon 
  • Gray Canyon
  • Labyrinth Canyon 
  • Stillwater Canyon


A lake on the border of Wyoming and Utah that is created by the damming of the Green River in Utah. Flaming Gorge is a hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, and even scuba diving. 


Located on the shore of the Green River in Emery County Utah. Green River State Park has a golf course, campground, and ample fishing opportunity. 


  • The Grand Canyon
  • Lake Mead
  • The Hoover Dam 

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