Utah State University Eastern

Utah State University Eastern, or USU-Eastern, is a public university located in the small town of Price, Utah. The university provides access to education and services to students from rural areas and small towns throughout eastern Utah. With its two campuses – one in Price and the other in Blanding – USU-Eastern offers an impressive selection of academics, ranging from Associate's degrees to Doctoral degrees.

At USU-Eastern, students can choose from more than 50 different undergraduate majors and minors as well as over 25 graduate degree programs. These include everything from Business Administration to Education to Physical Therapy. The university also offers a range of online learning opportunities for those who prefer convenience. Many students take advantage of the university's study abroad programs to gain international experience and explore new cultures.

The campus in Price is home to the main academic buildings, including the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Center. This large building houses classrooms, laboratories and other facilities related to STEM disciplines like robotics and engineering. USU-Eastern also has a library that's situated in the same building and serves as an important resource for students.

Another great aspect of attending USU-Eastern is the school's sense of community. Being located in a small town, this university offers unique activities and opportunities to get involved with local organizations and events. Students can take advantage of tutoring, mentorship programs and other student support services.


USUE was founded in 1937 as a branch of Utah State University and was originally named Carbon College. Initially, the school offered just two-year Associate's degree programs. Over time, USU-Eastern has grown and now offers four-year Bachelor's degrees and Graduate programs as well. In 1969, the institution changed its name to Utah State University Eastern. Today, USU-Eastern continues to grow and provides education to students who come from all over eastern Utah. The university also offers an intimate learning experience in a close-knit community.

Current Enrollment

Currently, USU-Eastern has more than 3,000 students enrolled. The majority of these students are from Utah but there is also a large number of international students. Students come to the university seeking an education in a variety of disciplines including business, engineering, and health sciences. The campus offers a wide range of activities and services to help students succeed.

Best Rated Degrees

USU-Eastern is known for offering some of the best degree programs in the region. Its School of Business offers several options, including a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and a Masters in Management. In addition, USUE's College of Applied Sciences & Technology has earned high ratings for its degrees in Computer Science and Information Systems. The university also offers a range of healthcare degrees, including Physician Assistant and Registered Nurse.

Sports Programs

USU-Eastern has a strong athletics program, with teams competing in the Scenic West Athletic Conference (SWAC). The university fields several sports teams including baseball, basketball and soccer. Students can participate in intramural leagues or join one of the many student clubs on campus. USUE also has a cheerleading team and offers various recreational activities such as rock climbing and hiking.

Student Housing

USU-Eastern offers several on-campus housing options for students. These include traditional dorms, apartments, and suites. The university also has a variety of dining locations throughout the campus that serve a range of delicious meals.

Benefits of Living in Price, Utah

Price, Utah is a great place to live and go to school. The city has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. Today, Price is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene as well as its diverse population. In addition to USU-Eastern, there are several excellent schools in the area. The town also offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and camping. And for those who crave a taste of something new, Price is home to delicious restaurants serving up cuisine from around the world.

Why Parents Would Want Their Children To Attend USUE

USU-Eastern is a great place for students to pursue their academic dreams. The university offers small class sizes and plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in clubs, sports, and activities. The school also provides excellent career services, helping students learn about potential job opportunities upon graduation. The affordable tuition rates make USUE an attractive option for parents who want their children to receive a quality education without breaking the bank.

USU-Eastern is an excellent university offering students from all walks of life a great education. With its vibrant campus and wide range of degree programs, USUE provides a unique learning experience that prepares graduates for the workforce and beyond.