Utah Mountains

Utah is blanketed in beautiful mountain scenery, adventure, and a canyon in every corner.

The mountains of Utah are all part of the Rocky Mountains, and Utah is filled with various mountain ranges with peaks that rise between 11,000 and 13,500 feet in elevation. Many of these ranges are actually large plateaus.

Abajo Peak

Elevation 11,368'

In the Abajo Mountains of southeastern Utah you'll find this peak. The Abajos are frequently referred to as "The Blues" by the locals, due to their coloration when viewed from the distant surrounding mountains and valleys. This range is surrounded by some of the most exquisite and remote canyons found in Utah.

Boulder Mountain

Bluebell Knoll - 11,316'

This mountain range, the Aquarius Plateau, is said to be the highest wooded plateau in North America with elevations along the plateau between 10,000 and 11,300 feet. There are 80 lakes on this plateau and experts say that this plateau was incorrectly labelled by a cartographer and its name should have been Thousand Lakes Mountain, but the name was switched with the mountain just to the north that should have been labelled Boulder Mountain. The Boulder Mountain plateau is the highest step on what is called the Grand Staircase.

Brian head peak

Elevation - 11,306'

This peak rises above Utah's highest elevated community, the town of Brian Head. A part of the Markagunt Plateau, Brian Head peak is the jumping off point for many a summer mountain biking ride, or a ski or snowboard adventure in winter.
Utah Mountain Map

Kings Peak

Elevation 13,527'

In the northeast of Utah you'll find Utah's Uintah Mountains dotted with lakes and here is where you'll many of Utah's most elevated peaks including Kings Peak which is Utah's highest.

Mount Peale

Elevation 12,726'

To the central east side of Utah you'll find the La Sal Mountains adjacent to Moab, and Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Mount Peale is the highest peak in this range along the eastern border of Utah adjacent to Colorado.

Delano Peak

Elevation 12,175'

In southwestern Utah, Delano Peak is the highest of this region and is located in the Tushar Mountains just east of the small city of Beaver, Utah

Mount Nebo

Elevation 11,929'

The highest peak in the Wasatch Range, which includes all the mountains and peaks near Utah's Salt Lake City, is Mount Nebo. Nebo is one of three peaks that all rise to a similar height. Nebo is located just west of the community of Mona, and can be accessed by trails that ascend from the west and east sides of the mountain.

Mount Timpanogos

Elevation 11,752'

This mountain is one of Utah's most majestic in Utah and remnants of ancient glaciers typically remain through the summer on the east side of an upper bowl. This mountain towers approximately 7,000' above the western communities of Provo, Orem, Pleasant Grove, American Fork and Lehi, Utah.

Mount Ellen

Elevation 11,522'

Found in the Henry Mountains, Mount Ellen is the highest peak in the last mountain range to be added to maps of the lower 48 states of the U.S. In fact the region surrounding the Henry Mountains was one of the last places to be explored in the contiguous 48 states. A free roaming herd of Buffalo graze on the slopes of these mountains which is situated between the Dirty Devil River Basin (east) and Boulder Mountain (west).