Utah'lkin to me?

Utah Humor

Words - The Way We Sometimes Say Them:

Across = Acrost
Balloons = B'loons
Button = Buht-en
Deal = Dill
Eggs = Aygs
Family = Fam'ly
Ignorant = Ig'nernt
Measure = May-zuhr
Milk = Malk
Mountain = Mount-en
Pill = Pell
Probably = Prob'ly
Salsa = Saltza
Supposedly - Supposebly
Treasure = Tray-zuhr
Wash = Warsh

Towns/Cities Pronunciations:

Duschene = Du-shane
Escalante (the town) = Escalant (if you're young), Scalant (if you're older than young)
If it is time to go eat in Escalante the phrase would be "Sco-eat, Scalant."
Hurricane = Her-ah-kin (if you're young), Hair-ah-kin (if you're older than young)
Layton = Layt-en
Mantua = Man-a-way
St. George = Saint Jarge
Toeele = Too-il-ah

Utah hiking humor

"Come hiking they said, it will be fun they said."
"I don't get it, the trail looked so flat on the map!"
"How's your knee?" "Not bad, it only hurts when I walk."
"Almost there!" "False promises!"

What did the rapper Vanilla Ice say when he went hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park?

What did the snow say to the Utah Rocky Mountains, "I've got you covered."

Utah, where the elevation is usually a bigger number than the population.


"Oh my heck" - Used for any surprising interaction.
"For shore" - Something that is accurate.
"Nuh-uhh" - When someone is surprised or disagrees.
"I used to could" - When you used to be able to do something.

Food Humor

Green jello with carrots = the official state snack.

Did you know you can borrow cheese from the bank in Utah, its called a PROVO-loan.

National park humor

If you haven’t been to Utah yet, BRYCE yourself.                   

ARCHES you glad you’re in Utah.

skiing humor

Teaching a new skier, "Looking good, now flail your arms and scream at the top of your lungs."

A bad day of skiing beats a good day of work.

Definitions of skiing: The art of catching a cold, going broke, rapidly heading nowhere, at great personal risk.

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