Photographers of Utah

Utah Photographers

Photographers and Videographers of Utah's attractions.

Two individuals with extensive experience in outdoor photography and videography within the entire state of Utah are Mark Wade and Bob Grove. They have a very complete understanding of the state of Utah and the many outdoor treasures waiting to be explored and captured.

Mark Wade

For the past 30+ years Mark has been working closely with numerous tourism organizations and businesses as a photographer, videographer and a tourism marketing consultant.  He has specialized in creating media imagery, and content for web, print, and digital displays. Mark's photo/video services have been utilized by county tourism offices, cities and towns, resorts, guides and outfitters, restaurants, hotels, and more.   Over the course of his professional life Mark has produced, directed, operated camera, and performed the editing on hundreds of video productions. 

Mark began his career working in radio and television; he was an Anchor/Producer for the 10 o’clock news in a small market station before changing his career to video production and marketing. Mark is a weekly guest on KSL Outdoors radio show with Tim Hughes, and his photography has been featured in approximately 20 magazine published stories. 


Bob Grove

It was early in Bob’s career that travel became a passion. With 40+ years working in the hotel, airline, rental car, outdoor recreation, and hospitality industries, Bob has brought all those skills to use as an outdoor photographer and videographer.  Bob has been personally featured on KSL Radio’s Speaking on Business and on the cover of Travel Agent Magazine for bringing diversity to travel. He frequents as a guest on local radio and television, has co-hosted Inside the Outdoors radio show in Salt Lake City and participated in KSL TV Studio 5 with the segment “Family Friendly Adventures.”

Bob also regularly sets up television segments for Adam Eakle's KSL Outdoors TV, and his photos and videos are featured within these shows, and on blogs, websites, billboards, and magazines. 

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