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Off-Roading in Utah

Some of the most incredible and remote locations in the United States are here in Utah and can only be reached with off-road vehicles. Off-road vehicles also offer access to so many of Utah’s gorgeous waterfalls, mountainous lakes, peaks, and so much more. Utah boasts 80,000 miles of trails open to the public. Nearly every county in the state offers trails just waiting to be explored. The landscapes are so interesting and diverse from desert and slick rock to high mountains and forests. Off-road machines ilke UTVs, ATVs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, and motorcycles offer premier access to some of Utah’s greatest beauty. Be sure to register vehicles, know and obey safety laws, and manage the trails respectfully.


Any off road vehicle is required to have current registration. Non-resident operators must have the appropriate non-resident registration.


In remote Utah you will be sure to encounter a large variety of wildlife. Some creatures native to Utah that you might see: Deer, Birds, Cougar, Fox, Coyote, Wild Turkey, Elk, Moose, Beaver, Sheep, Cow, and Wild Horses, and so much more.

Private Property

Many of Utah’s trails are surrounded by private property, it is important to stay on the trails and respect the neighboring land.

Leave no trace

Be respectful to the trails and surrounding areas. Leave no trace by staying on the trails, going over obstacles (not around), clean up after yourself, and do your best to leave things as they were before your arrival.
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Places of interest

  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is located in southern Utah between Mount Carmel and Kanab Utah. Over 3,000 acres of sandy dunes to ride through.
  • Buckskin Hills is a Vernal Utah outdoor complex with nearly 350 acres of public land.

  • Jordan River State Recreation Area is a recreational park just outside of downtown Salt Lake City.

  • Little Sahara Recreation Area a large white sand dune located 2 hours south of Salt Lake City in the West Desert.

  • Paiute ATV Trail offers over 2000 miles of trail and spans 5 counties in Central Utah.

  • Arapeen Trail is a nice and remote trail located in Sanpete Valley. Only open during summer months.

  • Skyline Drive is a mountain spine ride at nearly 11,000 feet in elevation.

  • Toquerville Falls is a gorgeous waterfall hidden gem that can only be reached by high clearance and off road vehicles

Highlighted Trails

  • Bryce Canyon ATV
  • Burr Trail 
  • Capitol Reef ATV Trail 
  • Piute County 
  • Skyline Drive 
  • Southern Utah 
  • White Rim



With the best snow on earth, obviously Utah has a lot to offer for winter adventure. There are plenty of beginner courses with low avalanche risk and more advanced courses with lots of hills to climb that require avalanche skill. There are many retailers that do guided snowmobile tours throughout the state.

helpful hints

  • Have the appropriate permits. 
  • Know your limits. 
  • Have the appropriate equipment and training. 
  • Know the weather.