Beautiful and Pristine Sundance Mountain Resort

Where Art, Nature, and Community Come Together

We stood recently at the highest point on Sundance Mountain and gazed in all directions. Billowy clouds rolled lazily overhead against a cerulean sky. It was what winter enthusiasts like to call a bluebird day, no wind, mild temperatures, and the heartening sounds of skiers and snowboarders, gliding over Utah's epic snow. As we stood on the snowy rim, one of the Sundance mountain managers directed our gaze in all directions toward key points of interest. To the southwest we had views of Utah Valley, Utah Lake, and Mount Nebo. To the north and east we could see other mountain peaks along with Deer Creek Reservoir, Heber Valley, and the edge of the vast Uintah Mountains. Here, tucked in a folded wing of mighty Mt. Timpanogos, we felt the comfort a nested chick might feel in protection of its mother. For a moment the world outside melted away, and the surrounding mountains became the fortress to our own winter domain.

A Unique Environment

Tucked away on the back side of Mount Timpanogos, Sundance Mountain Resort, is truly the most scenic mountain resort environment in Utah. It's almost as if someone cut a piece of the Swiss Alps and carefully positioned it within Utah's Provo Canyon. Sundance marketing and communication director, Nick Como, says “It feels like you're adventuring in a national park because the resort is surrounded by wilderness.” This “wilderness” was once the backdrop for the Robert Redford movie about the mid-1800's mountain man Jeremiah Johnson. Redford, a long time owner of Sundance Mountain Resort recently passed ownership on to a new group that has maintained Redford's vision of protecting this area. The new owners of Sundance have purchased over 3,000 acres of additional land, which was already under protected covenants, just to ensure it would not be developed. This land, along with the 10,000 acres of already established Mount Timpanogos Wilderness, means that Sundance will continue to maintain its pristine surrounding environment.

Year Round Adventures


Late November to early April is the traditional season for sliding the snowy slopes of Sundance. At just under 12,000' in elevation, Mt. Timpanogos is a target for the moisture from the Pacific Northwest that deposits itself in copious amounts in Utah. Sundance receives hundreds of inches of snow each year, and local news outlets have just reported that the 2023-2024 Utah water year has just set a new official record for total moisture. Ninety percent of the ski/snowboard areas of Sundance Mountain Resort are covered by snow making equipment so if, from time-to-time, mother nature doesn't cooperate then the resort takes over the snow making duties. New, faster and higher capacity lifts have been installed to give skiers and snowboarders more time to do what they came for. “We offer great beginner, intermediate, and advanced terrain,” says Annie Condon, public relations coordinator for Sundance. “Bishop's bowl and Far East are incredible terrain areas for advanced skiers and snowboarders, and what I would refer to as our signature runs at Sundance.”

With Annie's very capable assistance we recently took time to capture some of the skiing and snowboarding highlights of our day on the slopes.


In April, preparations begin in earnest for warm weather experiences. Sundance Mountain Resort offers summertime activities such as hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and a U.S.A. record 2,100' vertical drop zipline tour. With its lower elevations, and more moderate temperatures, the Spring and Summer seasons start earlier at Sundance than other areas of the Wasatch, and mid-may is an annual target date for mountain biking at this mountain resort.

While the summer trails at Sundance feel almost private, they're open to the public and are made even more accessible by lifts that transport mountain bikers and hikers to higher points on the mountain. “We take a lot of pride in our trails and have a crew that goes out daily to maintain them. We also have great signage and maps for these trails,” says Tracy Christensen who is one of the mountain managers.


It is not a surprise that Sundance is located in Utah, a state that is synonymous with a preponderance of scenic beauty. The cities of Provo and Orem, Utah are literally just 15 minutes away, and Salt Lake City and Park City are each within an hour drive. While many locals boast about their love for the resort, visitors from around the world have come to recognize Sundance as one of Utah's preferred winter and summer outdoor destinations.

Mountain Services

Lodging, dining, and group meeting services are all readily available on the mountain. Resort owners have also announced a new lodging operation to be constructed. The Inn At Sundance will be carefully fitted into existing available space at the base of the mountain with two small footprints and a creek running in-between. Check Sundance Mountain Resort's website for updates on this addition

A Place For The Arts

Sundance has built a reputation in the art community as a creative destination. This notoriety is partially fueled by the Sundance art studio, at the base of the mountain, where guests engage in making pottery, silversmithing, painting, and other artistic endeavors. Nearby Brigham Young and Utah Valley Universities send their students to Sundance for seasonal art educational experiences. Summer concerts and theater productions add to the menu of Sundance art offerings, and we're told that the Broadway musical Newsies will be one of the featured summer theater offerings of 2024. Art, nature, and community are the themes that Sundance owners, management, and staff wish to share with visitors.

More To See / Do

With all there is to see and do nearby, combining a visit to Sundance Mountain Resort with other outdoor adventures is a natural. Sundance sits right on the famous Alpine Loop Scenic Byway -- one of Utah's premier scenic drives. Hiking trails dot this scenic route and more are found in adjacent Provo Canyon.

Additional activities include viewing the 607' two-tiered Bridal Veil Falls and the fishing, kayaking, or float-tubing on the lower Provo river which is heralded as a high quality fly-fishing destination.

The bottom line is that Sundance Mountain Resort is a destination worthy of strong consideration for your next artistic or natural outdoor experience.

Learn more on the website for Sundance Mountain Resort.

Writers Note: Thanks to Nick, Annie and Tracy for providing great insights on the past, present, and future of Sundance Mountain Resort.