Top Attractions in St. George, Utah

Author: Mark Wade
St. George is loaded with access to state parks, national parks, hiking, biking, entertainment, historical sites and more. It is a great place for groups of all ages and interests.

Top 10 Things To Do - St. George, Utah

Saint George Utah - Setting

Actually, this could be labelled The Top 40 Things To Do in St. George, Utah. This is a more complete list, than may be found elsewhere, of the Top 10 Things To Do in St. George, Utah.  We've broken these items into categories to provide a better Top 10 Saint George to do list.  These Top 10 Things To Do (actually top 40+) are not necessarily in order of popularity or preference.

St. George Utah

1- National or State Parks

Zion National Park - Utah

Zion National Park

Location: Springdale, Utah - approximately 45 minutes from St. George. 
Zion National Park is a breathtaking natural wonder known for its towering sandstone cliffs, narrow slot canyons, and scenic hiking trails. Visitors can enjoy hiking, wildlife watching, and photography. The stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems make Zion a must-visit destination for anyone seeking outdoor serenity, and natural beauty.

Snow Canyon State Park
Location: Ivins, Utah - approximately 15 minutes from St. George downtown.
Snow Canyon State Park features stunning red, white, and black lava rock formations, sand dunes, and volcanic cones. Visitors can enjoy hiking, rock climbing, biking, photography, and wildlife viewing. The unique geological features and colorful scenery make Snow Canyon a scenic and adventurous destination.

Sand Hollow State Park
Location: Hurricane, Utah - approximately 25 minutes from downtown St. George, Utah.
Sand Hollow State Park is partially framed by red-rock sandstone and is surrounded on the southern end by large sand dunes. Visitors can enjoy boating, kayaking, paddleboard, and other water sports, along with hiking, UTV and ATV adventures, and wildlife viewing.  These more shallow waters are generally warm in the main season, and the geological features and generally blue skies make Sand Hollow a great outdoor adventure destination in southwestern Utah.

Quail Creek State Park
This reservoir is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The park centers around the picturesque Quail Creek Reservoir, a sparkling oasis surrounded by cliffs and desert landscapes. Visitors can enjoy a variety of recreational activities, including boating, fishing, swimming, and paddle boarding on the clear blue waters of the reservoir. Quail Creek State Park also features sandy beaches, picnic areas, and hiking trails, providing opportunities for relaxation and adventure. 

Gunlock State Park
Location: Gunlock, approximately 25 minutes from St. George.
Gunlock State Park is a scenic reservoir surrounded by red rock cliffs and desert landscapes. Visitors will enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, picnicking.  The tranquil reservoir and dramatic scenery make Gunlock State Park a popular destination for water-based recreation and relaxation. In years where there is heavy spring run-off Gunlock State Park is a popular destination for viewing waterfalls that cascade over the water retention dam on the southern end of the park.

Snow Canyon State ParkSand Hollow State Park

2- Scenic Attractions (More)

Red Cliffs Recreation Area - Utah

Red Cliffs Recreation Area

Location: Leeds, approximately 20 minutes from St. George.
Red Cliffs Recreation Area offers scenic hiking trails, picturesque red rock landscapes, and opportunities for swimming and picnicking along the Virgin River. The tranquil beauty and recreational activities make Red Cliffs a popular destination for outdoor recreation and relaxation.

Pioneer Park (Red Cliffs)
Location: St. George - Above downtown area.
Pioneer Park, also sometimes referred to as the St. George Red Cliffs Park, is a unique natural area featuring red rock formations, a short slot canyon, and panoramic views of St. George and the surrounding area. Visitors can hike, rock climb, and explore the park's scenic rock formations. The dramatic landscapes and recreational opportunities make Pioneer Park a favorite destination for visitors and locals alike.

Red Hills Desert Garden
Location: St. George - Above downtown area.
The Red Hills Desert Garden in St. George, Utah, is a stunning botanical garden showcasing the unique flora and fauna of the desert Southwest. Spanning over 5 acres, visitors can wander along winding pathways, marveling at colorful blooms and striking rock formations while learning about the region's ecology and conservation efforts. Interpretive signs and educational displays provide insights into the desert's natural history and the importance of water-wise landscaping.

3- Hiking Trails

Snow Canyon State Park - Utah

Here's just five of the more than 65 hiking and mountain biking trails that are available in the broader St. George Utah area.  Follow links or search our navigation for more hiking trails in the Saint George area.

Red Cliffs Nature Trail
Location: Red Cliffs Recreation Area Trailhead
Length: 1.5 miles (round trip)
Difficulty: Easy
Description: This leisurely hike winds through picturesque red rock formations, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape and petroglyphs along the way.

Johnson Canyon Arch Trail
Location: Johnson Canyon Trailhead
Length: 2 miles (round trip)
Difficulty: Moderate
Description: This moderately challenging hike leads to a natural arch, passing through a scenic canyon with towering cliffs and lush vegetation.

Chuckwalla Trail
Location: Chuckwalla Trailhead
Length: 4 miles (round trip)
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Description: This trail offers a rewarding hike with panoramic views of St. George and the surrounding desert landscape, featuring rocky terrain and steep sections.

Hidden Pinyon Trail
Location: Snow Canyon State Park
Length: 2 miles (round trip)
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Description: This scenic trail meanders through a beautiful desert environment, showcasing native vegetation, lava flows, and sandstone formations.

Rim Rock Trail
Location: Snow Canyon State Park
Length: 3.5 miles (round trip)
Difficulty: Moderate
Description: This moderately challenging trail follows the rim of Snow Canyon, offering breathtaking views of towering cliffs, colorful rock formations, and the valley below.

Hiking Trails - St. George - Saint

4- Outdoor Sports

St. George Golf

In St. George, Utah, golfers can indulge in the serene beauty of the Red Rock Golf Trail, featuring renowned courses like Sand Hollow Resort and Coral Canyon Golf Course. Sand Hollow offers a unique blend of desert-style golf with breathtaking views of sandstone cliffs and the surrounding landscape. Coral Canyon, nestled amidst striking red rock formations, challenges players with its scenic layout and strategic design. Both courses provide an exceptional golfing experience, combining challenging holes with stunning vistas, making them must-visit destinations for golf enthusiasts in St. George.

Mountain Biking: St. George, Utah, is a paradise for mountain biking enthusiasts, offering a plethora of trails for riders of all skill levels. The Gooseberry Mesa trail network, located northwest of St. George, provides a challenging yet rewarding experience with its slickrock sections and panoramic views of Zion National Park. For those seeking technical terrain, the Barrel Roll and Zen Trails offer thrilling rides through rocky terrain and narrow passages. Additionally, the Bear Claw Poppy Trail and Prospector Trail cater to riders looking for smoother, flowy singletrack experiences. With its diverse trail offerings, St. George is a premier destination for mountain biking adventures.

Pickleball: Pickleball enthusiasts flock to St. George, Utah, where the sport has gained immense popularity. The Little Valley Pickleball Complex, located within Little Valley Park, features 24 dedicated courts and hosts numerous tournaments and events throughout the year. Bloomington Country Club also offers pickleball courts amidst its picturesque surroundings, providing a scenic backdrop for friendly matches and competitive play. Whether players are seasoned veterans or newcomers to the sport, St. George's vibrant pickleball community and top-notch facilities ensure an enjoyable experience for all ages and skill levels.

St. George Utah Mountain Biking - Saint GeorgeSt. George Utah Pickleball

5- Entertainment

Tuacahn Utah

Tuacahn Amphitheatre

Location: Ivins, approximately 15 minutes from St. George.
Tuacahn Amphitheatre is an outdoor theater nestled in the red rocks of Snow Canyon. It hosts Broadway musicals, concerts, and other performances against a backdrop of stunning natural scenery. The combination of world-class performances and spectacular surroundings creates a memorable entertainment experience.

St. George Musical Theater
This community theater offers a variety of musicals, plays, and other performances throughout the year. From classic Broadway shows to contemporary favorites, St. George Musical Theater provides entertainment for audiences of all ages.

Utah Tech University | St. George Tabernacle
Musical and theatrical productions are also found at Utah Tech University and the St. George Tabernacle.  Check their calendars and events information for more details.


Art Festival - St. George Utah

6- Historical Sites

Brigham Young Historic HomeJacob Hamblin Historic Home

St. George Historic Downtown

St. George's historic downtown area is filled with charming shops, art galleries, restaurants, and historic buildings. Visitors can stroll along Main Street, explore local boutiques, and view interpretive information to learn about the area's pioneer history.  

Brigham Young Winter Home
Location: 67 West 200 North, St. George, UT 84770, in the heart of the city.
The Brigham Young Winter Home offers a fascinating glimpse into the past and provides a unique opportunity to experience a piece of Utah's rich history. The home is a historic residence that served as the winter retreat for Brigham Young, the second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a prominent figure in the history of Utah. The Brigham Young Winter home is typically open daily for tours year-round, although it's always a good idea to check the current schedule as it may vary due to maintenance or seasonal closures. The home is a fine example of 19th-century architecture, featuring a unique blend of Victorian and pioneer styles. Visitors can explore the various rooms of the house, including the living quarters, dining room, and kitchen, while learning about the history of the home and its inhabitants. Surrounding the Brigham Young Winter Home are beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds. Visitors can stroll through the gardens, admiring the lush vegetation and colorful flowers that flourish in the climate of southern Utah.  Knowledgeable guides provide historical interpretation, sharing stories and anecdotes about Brigham Young, his family, and the significance of the winter home in St. George's history.

The Jacob Hamblin Historic Home
Location: Santa Clara, Utah, approximately 10 minutes from downtown St. George.
Description: This historic home was built in 1863 and served as the residence of Jacob Hamblin, a prominent pioneer  and missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who played a key role in establishing peaceful relations between settlers and Native American tribes in the region. Hamblin's efforts at diplomacy and cultural understanding earned him the nickname "Apostle to the Lamanites." The home, constructed from adobe bricks, reflects the architecture of early pioneer settlements in the area. It stands as a testament to Hamblin's legacy of cooperation and goodwill, symbolizing the importance of mutual respect and understanding in building harmonious communities. Today, the Jacob Hamblin Historic Home serves as a museum, offering visitors insight into the life and work of this influential figure in Utah's history.

The St. George Tabernacle, and the St. George Utah Temple Visitor Center are two additional locations to view the highly interesting history of the Saint George, Utah area, and to learn about the people who settled St. George. 

Green Gate Village
Originally constructed in 1872 as a series of adobe homes and businesses, the village served as a hub for early settlers and travelers passing through the region. Over the years, it evolved into a bustling commercial center, with various shops and accommodations catering to visitors and locals alike.  Today, Green Gate Village has been meticulously restored, preserving its historic charm while offering modern amenities. Visitors can explore a variety of shops and boutiques housed within the village, featuring unique gifts, clothing, home decor, and artisan goods. For those seeking accommodations, the village offers charming bed and breakfast lodging options, allowing guests to experience the nostalgia of staying in a historic setting.

Judd's General Store
The Judd Store in St. George, Utah, is a historic landmark dating back to the late 19th century. Originally established in 1911 by Thomas Judd, the store served as a gathering place for locals and travelers alike, offering goods, supplies, and a sense of community. Today, the Judd Store sells unique gifts, treats, and also provides a delectable lunch menu.

Native American History
There are numerous locations where Ancient American petroglyphs and pictographs may be viewed.  The most prominent of these are the petroglyphs found along the cliffs above the Santa Clara River.  The trailhead to the Anasazi Trail Petroglyphs is found in nearby Ivins, Utah. 

Grafton & Silver Reef Ghost Towns
The Silver Reef Ghost Town is located just west of Leeds, Utah and offers a look back into the history of mining in this region.  The Grafton Ghost Town is near Zion National Park in Rockville, Utah and was the settting for a pioneer community that did not survice the challenges of flooding along the Virgin River. 

Grafton Ghost TownSilver Reef

7- Art

St. George Art Museums - Galleries

St. George Art Museum
Location: St. George.
The St. George Art Museum features a diverse collection of artwork focusing on the history and culture of the Southwest. Exhibits include paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and other visual art forms.  All ages can appreciate the artwork on display, though older children and adults may have a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical significance of the pieces.

Kayenta Art Village
Location: Ivins, approximately 15 minutes from St. George.
Kayenta Art Village is a unique community of art galleries, studios, and shops showcasing local and regional artwork. Visitors can browse galleries, meet artists, and purchase handmade crafts and jewelry. The vibrant art scene and stunning desert setting make Kayenta Art Village a must-visit destination for art lovers and cultural explorers.

Art Festivals & Markets at Tuacahn
Typically, Tuacahn hosts several art festivals and swap-meets during the spring and summer months when the weather is pleasant and conducive to outdoor activities. These events often coincide with Tuacahn's performance schedule, as the center is known for its outdoor amphitheater productions. Art festivals at Tuacahn feature a diverse range of artistic works, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, and more, created by local and visiting artists. 

Art Galleries
St. George, Utah is home to numerous art galleries displaying the works and local and national artists; scultors, photographers, painters, and more.

Kayenta Art Village Utah

8- Family Attractions

The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm (Dinosaur Tracks + More)
Location: East St. George
The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm, often referred to as the St. George Dinosaur Tracks Museum, is a unique paleontological site and museum located in Saint. George.  This museum offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into the prehistoric past, specifically focusing on dinosaur tracks preserved in sandstone. The site features an indoor museum with interactive exhibits, displays of well-preserved dinosaur footprints, and informative panels detailing the history and significance of the tracks. Visitors can observe actual dinosaur footprints embedded in the rock, including tracks left by various species of dinosaurs that once roamed the area millions of years ago. Additionally, the museum offers guided tours and educational programs for visitors to learn more about paleontology and the ancient ecosystems of southern Utah.

Thunder Junction All Abilities Park
Located: 1851 South Dixie Drive, St. George, UT 84770
Thunder Junction offers a wide range of activities designed to engage visitors of varying physical and cognitive abilities. Some of the key features and activities at Thunder Junction include; an expansive playground area with accessible equipment suitable for children and adults of all abilities, a splash pad, train rides on the Thunder Junction miniature train ride which traverses through the park and offers views of a dinosaur-themed area featuring life-sized dinosaur sculptures and interactive exhibits. There are picnic areas and pavilions where families and groups can gather for meals and relaxation.

The St. George Carousel
This beloved attraction in St. George, Utah, offering nostalgic rides for visitors of all ages. Handcrafted in 1917 by Gustav Dentzel, this vintage carousel features beautifully carved wooden animals and ornate decorations. Located in Town Square Park, the St. George Carousel provides a whimsical experience for families and serves as a cherished symbol of community spirit and tradition in St. George.

Also See Museums - next...

Dinosaur Tracks - Discovery

9- Museums

Rosenbruch WIldlife Museum

In St. George, there are several museums offering a variety of exhibits and experiences. 

Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum
Location: St. George
The Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum houses a vast collection of taxidermized animals from around the world, including mammals, birds, and reptiles. Exhibits showcase various ecosystems and wildlife habitats. Families with children of all ages can enjoy exploring the museum's exhibits.

St. George Children's Museum
Location: St. George.
The St. George Children's Museum is an interactive museum designed for children to explore, play, and learn through hands-on exhibits and activities. The museum offers educational programs, workshops, and special events.

Dixie Archaeology Society Museum
Location: St. George.
The Dixie Archaeology Society Museum focuses on the archaeology and history of the local region, including artifacts from Native American cultures and pioneer settlers. Exhibits explore ancient artifacts, tools, and cultural practices.
Older children, teenagers, and adults interested in archaeology, anthropology, and local history will find the museum's exhibits engaging and informative.

Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum
Location: St. George Regional Airport.
The Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum showcases a collection of vintage military aircraft and aviation memorabilia. Visitors can explore historic aircraft, learn about aviation history, and view exhibits on military aviation.

St. George Children's Museum
Location: St. George.
The St. George Children's Museum is an interactive museum designed for children to explore, play, and learn through hands-on exhibits and activities. The museum offers educational programs, workshops, and special events. Children ranging from toddlers to early teens will find the museum's interactive exhibits engaging and entertaining, fostering creativity, curiosity, and learning through play. 

The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum
The DUP museum in St. George, Utah, is a tribute to the resilience and heritage of the early settlers of the region. Housed in a charming historic building, the museum preserves and displays artifacts, photographs, and documents that chronicle the pioneer experience in southern Utah. Visitors can explore exhibits showcasing pioneer life, including clothing, tools, furniture, and household items used by the early settlers. Additionally, the museum features displays honoring notable pioneers and their contributions to the development of St. George and the surrounding areas. 

Whether you're interested in art, wildlife, archaeology, aviation, or providing a fun learning experience for children these museums offer a diverse range of educational and cultural experiences, catering to visitors of all ages and interests. 

10- Guided Outdoor Adventures

Mountain Biking St. George

Local independent outdoor adventure guides and outfitters provide the opportunity to explore areas, and to experience unique outdoor adventures. The following is a list of St. George area companies that may be considered.

ATV & Jeep Adventures
Color Country Air Adventure
East Zion Adventure
Palledin Excursions (Hot Air Balloons)
Paragon Adventure
Southern Utah Scenic Tours
Southern Utah Adventure Center

Balloon Rides - St. GeorgeUTV Tours - St. George Utah Area

Bonus: Shopping and Dining

The truth is that shopping and dining are certainly the #1 activities that visitors and locals enjoy doing in the St. George area. 

The Red Cliffs Mall and the nearby Shoppes at Zion offer a wide selection of retail stores, including popular national chains and local boutiques, making them convenient destinations for fashion, accessories, and home goods.
Historic Downtown St. George boasts charming shops and galleries, where visitors can find unique gifts, artisan crafts, and souvenirs amidst the area's historic architecture and vibrant atmosphere.
Additionally, outdoor enthusiasts can explore specialty stores offering gear and equipment for hiking, biking, and other recreational activities.

St. George, Utah, offers a diverse culinary scene with dining options to suit every palate and occasion. From casual cafes to upscale restaurants, visitors can explore a variety of cuisines and flavors. Chain restaurants and locally created independent restaurants are found through the city. Downtown St. George is a hub for dining, featuring charming eateries and local favorites serving everything from gourmet burgers and wood-fired pizzas to farm-to-table dishes and international fare. For those craving southwestern flavors, authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants abound, while seafood lovers can indulge in fresh catches at seafood establishments. Additionally, St. George boasts numerous coffee shops, bakeries, and dessert spots, perfect for satisfying sweet cravings or enjoying a leisurely afternoon treat. 

Restaurants Near Me - St. George Utah