Gunlock Falls - Gunlock Waterfalls - Utah

Gunlock Waterfalls is a scenic waterfall near St. George Utah that occurs when conditions align for this incredible waterfall to shine.
Gunlock Waterfalls is a scenic waterfall that occurs in the spring, only on rare years, where rain and snow have accumulated enough water to force water over the dam on the southern end of the reservoir at Utah's Gunlock State Park. Gunlock Falls - Utah The Gunlock Reservoir is filled by the Santa Clara River, and the waterfall cascades down a series of red sandstone terraces to create a stunning natural spectacle that draws thousands of viewers when it occurs.
Water flows over and erodes the sandstone in a beautiful display of multiple cascading waterfalls, creating a misty and picturesque scene. Gunlock Falls - St. George Utah In the winter of 2023 the area around Utah's Gunlock State Park received over 300 percent of normal precipitation. In 2023 the waterfalls began flowing over the dam in March and are expected to continue well into June. Gunlock Falls State Park There is a small per-vehicle, fee to access the waterfalls. Visitors can enter from a parking area below the falls, or actually enter the state park to the east of the falls. Either access point requires a short walk to the falls. It is important to be safe when walking near or around the falls, and also important to check local weather conditions to ensure easy accessibility. Gunlock waterfalls Utah State Park We hope you enjoy this video and photographs of Gunlock State Park and the Gunlock waterfalls.  Use the map below to see how to get to Gunlock State Park from St. George, Utah.