Weeping Rock

Trail Length: 0.4 miles

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Change: 98 Feet

The Weeping Rock Trail at Zion National Park is a short and paved trail. The rock that is weeping refers to an alcove where water has been seeping through sandstone for thousands of years. This trickling water on the face of the rock wall has created the perfect environment for the lush hanging gardens that are found at Weeping Rock. As you make your way to Weeping Rock you can enjoy views of The Great White Throne, Cable Mountain, and the beautiful view on and off the trail.

Hiking Weeping Rock

Weeping Rock is one of the more well known and traversed trails Zion National Park. Getting to Weeping Rock has been described as more of a walk than a hike but definitely worth the little effort required to enjoy the area. The trail is short and steep with minor drop-offs. This trail is popular because of the weeping rock alcove that creates a green and lush oasis. It is a great family friendly hike. There are fun signs along the way with plant descriptions and frequent wildlife sightings. The paved trail leads to a viewing platform where guests can enjoy watching this bowl-shaped rock formation weep into a stream below.


During rainstorms Weeping Rock shows off a beautiful waterfall from runoff above from Echo Canyon. Use caution year-round as the wet of the area and trail incline can create slippery conditions. The trail itself goes under the weeping rock and it is very possible you may get a little wet.


The trail is open year-round. Each season brings something a little different to the area and amount of water present. Winter can create a more slick trail but also highlights hanging icicles where the drips usually occur in other seasons.
Zion Ponderosa

Getting to Weeping Rock

Weeping Rock trailhead can be found at stop #7 (Weeping Rock) on the Zion National Park shuttle System. During shuttle season, this is the only way to access the trail. When the shuttles are not running, private vehicles are able to drive to the trailhead.

The trail begins across the bridge, follow signs to the left.

More about weeping rock

There are restrooms at the Weeping Rock in the parking area. Weeping Rock Trailhead serves as a starting point to Observation Point and Hidden Canyon. In 2019 a large rock fall caused extended closures to the Weeping Rock Trail. In 2022 the trail reopened to Weeping Rock but closures remain for access to Observation Point and Hidden Canyon.
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