Riverside Walk

Trail Length: 2 miles out-and-back

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Change: 200 feet

Location: Main Canyon Shuttle Stop #9

The Riverside Walk begins at the last shuttle stop of Zion Main Canyon. You begin this walk at the Temple of Sinawava and the paved trail continues for 1 mile until it reaches the beginning of Zion National Parks Narrows Trail where more technical riverbed hiking begins. Anyone hiking The Narrows from the bottom up will begin with this paved Riverside Walk trail. This very easy paved trail is a popular destination for families and visitors who require strollers or wheelchairs.

Trail highlights

Virgin River:
You can enjoy the sights and sounds of the river as you walk this beautiful trail. There are several points along the trail that there is access to the river to get your feet wet. Many visitors enjoy playing in the water where the Narrows begin and the Riverwalk ends. The Riverwalk Trail is a great peaceful path for all ages and capabilities. Along the way you will see hanging gardens, weeping rock walls, and many other spectacles of nature.

There are frequent wildlife sightings on this trail. Animals such as: deer, turkeys, blue herons, squirrels, and more. One highlight of hiking the Riverside Walk in the winter is the possibility of seeing large birds like the California Condor perched in the trees after the leaves are gone. It is important to not feed the animals.

Zion Ponderosa
Narrows Map

Getting to riverside walk

This trail is located at the last shuttle stop (#9). It begins at the Temple of Sinawava and ends at the beginning of the Narrows. It is a one mile paved trail that everyone coming in and out of the Narrows uses. During the summer the best way to get to the Riverwalk Trail is to take the shuttle all the way to the last stop. In the winter when the shuttle service is not running private cars are permitted in the Main Canyon and you can park at the trailhead at the Temple of Sinawava. The ride from the Visitor Center to shuttle stop #9 with all the stops is approximately 45 minutes.


The trail is open year-round. The river is highest in the early spring due to runoff. The winter can experience some ice and snow. 

Preparing for riverside walk

  • Water shoes can be nice to have for playing in the river.
  • Summer can be quite hot in this area, be sure to have enough water. 
  • Leave no trace.
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