Angels Landing

Trail Length: 5.4 miles out-and-back

Degree of Difficulty: Strenuous

Elevation Change: 1,488 feet

Angels Landing is a hiking experience that people come from all over the world to experience. The route to Angels Landing involves a series of switchbacks, hiking through red rock canyons, and finishes with the use of chains to reach the top. When you arrive on the landing, you will be standing on a 1,488 foot rock (a landing fit for angels) overlooking Zion National Park canyon.
Angels landing view
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Hiking Angels Landing

Angels Landing is an adventure with rich rewarding views of Zion Canyon all along the way. The trail begins across the way from the Grotto shuttle stop on the West Rim Trail. Guests will experience a pleasant walk along the river and then the climb to the top begins with a set of switchbacks to Refrigerator Canyon. This beautiful red rock canyon gets its name from the shade and cool temperatures it provides. After journeying through the canyon the trail meets another set of steep/narrow switchbacks charmingly known as Walter's Wiggles. These switchbacks help gain even more elevation and the views that can be found at Scout Lookout. Permits are required after this point where chains that are bolted into the cliff provide secure handholds on the final ascent from Hogsback to the landing. There you will stand on an outcropping overlooking much of Zion National Park.

Angels Landing Map
Walter's Wiggles
Angels landing

Angels Landing Permits

Angels Landing at Zion National Park requires a permit. The permit allows visitors to hike the chains section of Angels Landing. Non-permitted guests can still hike to Scout Overlook and on the West Rim Trail. Angels Landing permits are released in an advance lottery or day before. Be sure to check the official Zion National Park website for up-to-date information regarding Angels Landing permits, trail conditions, and other important Angels Landing information and updates.


The Angels Landing Trail is open all year. The best weather for hiking in this area is usually spring and early fall. Summer is very busy and can get hot but having an early start on the trail can help minimize the heat and crowds. During the winter the trail can be slick and parts may be closed. Pay attention to posted signs and be aware of weather for wind and slick conditions are not uncommon.

Mental and physical preparation

Angels Landing is a challenging trail with many sheer drop-offs. It is important to know your physical and mental limitations before choosing to hike Angels Landing. Those who have a fear of heights or hesitate at the thought of holding onto chains while navigating exposed trail edges should consider one of the many other interesting and beautiful trails at Zion National Park like Observation Point.

What to bring

  • Hiking Shoes that are comfortable with good grip.
  • Enough water and food.
  • Sun protection: sunglasses, hats, bandanas.
  • Layered clothing: to adjust for wind, sun exposure, and the weather.
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Getting to Angels Landing

The trailhead for Angels Landing begins in Zion Canyon at shuttle stop #6, The Grotto. During shuttle season taking the shuttle is the only way to get to the trailhead; it is important to get to the park early to find parking. During the winter if the trail is clear enough to hike, visitors may park near the trailhead.

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