Bustling urban center

Transportation in Salt Lake City

From public transportation to personal cars, there are many ways to get around Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the largest city in the state of Utah, and its bustling urban center has many transportation options available to its residents. From public transportation to personal cars, there are many ways to get around Salt Lake City.

History of Transportation in Salt Lake City

The first recorded transportation in Salt Lake City was the establishment of a wagon road built by Mormon pioneers in 1847. This road, known as the Mormon Pioneer Trail, connected the city to other settlements in Utah. By 1860, the Transcontinental Railroad had been completed and it provided access to more distant parts of the country. The railroad was an important part of the development of transportation in Salt Lake City and grew over time.

In the late 1800s, Salt Lake City was home to a bustling streetcar system. This system transported people around the city and connected them to nearby towns. The system eventually expanded across Utah and made it possible for those living in Salt Lake City to travel with ease. Unfortunately, this happy state of affairs did not last long as trams were eventually replaced by buses.

The shift from trams to buses was due to the fact that buses were cheaper and more reliable than trams. With this new transportation option, Salt Lake City’s population saw a massive growth as people moved into the city. This brought with it an increased demand for public transportation, which was met by the establishment of the Utah Transit Authority in 1970.

Today, Salt Lake City has one of the best public transportation systems in the United States. The UTA offers bus service that covers most parts of the city and connects them to nearby towns and cities. There is also light rail service that runs between downtown and its suburbs, as well as a commuter rail line that connects the city to the rest of Utah.


The UTA Trax light rail provides an easy and efficient way to get around Salt Lake City, with stops at some of the city's key destinations. Take a ride from the airport right through downtown, stopping off for University classes or explore the shopping haven that is The Gateway before hopping on one of many connecting buses back home. Trax comes in three different lines throughout the valley: blue, red and green.

Blue Line

The Blue Line runs from Draper Town Center to Salt Lake Central Station and is the longest route, stretching from south to north. The Blue Line offers stops at some of Salt Lake City's most popular destinations such as Vivint Smart Home Arena, Temple Square, and the University of Utah.

Red Line

The Red Line runs from the University of Utah to Daybreak, with stops along the way at Downtown Salt Lake City and the cities in the lower valley. This line is particularly popular for commuters looking to get from residential areas to work and class in the city center.

Green Line

The Green Line goes from the Salt Lake International Airport to Downtown Salt Lake City, passing through the valley and midtown areas. This line is especially convenient for travelers looking to get from the airport straight into downtown in an efficient amount of time.


The Utah Transit Authority also provides commuter rail service to suburban and rural areas throughout the state. The Frontrunner line runs from Ogden station in the north all the way down to Provo Station in the south, stopping along the way at many towns and cities. This is a great option for those looking to make their way through the Wasatch Valley without dealing with rush hour traffic.


The UTA Bus system covers most of Salt Lake County, with buses running throughout the valley from early morning until late at night. The bus system is an effective way to get around the city and its surrounding suburbs, with buses running every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends. The bus system also offers door-to-door service for those with disabilities or special needs.


Salt Lake City recently opened a new streetcar line called Sugar House Streetcar, which connects the city's Sugar House neighborhood to downtown Salt Lake City. The streetcar line is a great way to explore the unique shops and restaurants of the area, as well as taking in the scenery of this lively urban area.