Old Ephraim

Old Ephraim was an extremely large grizzly bear that roamed the mountains of northern Utah in the early 20th century. He was known for his enormous size, with some reports claiming he stood over 10 feet tall when standing on his hind legs. The bear was notorious for attacking sheep and other livestock, causing significant damage to the local ranchers.

Efforts to capture or kill Old Ephraim were undertaken by local residents and the government, but the bear proved to be elusive and cunning. It was said that he had a keen sense of smell and could detect traps from a distance.

Finally, in 1923, a group of hunters led by a man named Elmer Kristensen tracked Old Ephraim to his den in the Bear River Mountains. They killed the bear with a barrage of bullets. The official weight of the bear was never recorded, but it was estimated to be around 1,100 pounds.

The remains of Old Ephraim were buried in the mountains, in an undisclosed location. However, his head and paws were preserved and are on display in a museum in Logan, Utah.