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Cache County

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Cache County, Utah is located in the northern part of Utah and is bordered by Idaho to the north. It encompasses an area of approximately 2,346 square miles and is home to nearly 118,000 residents. Cache Valley lies mostly within Cache County's borders and is known for its beautiful landscapes and recreational opportunities.

The county seat and largest city in Cache County is Logan, which is home to Utah State University. Other cities in the county include Smithfield, Providence, Richmond, and Hyrum.

Cache County boasts some of the most scenic landscapes in the state of Utah. It includes part of the Wasatch Range and portions of Bear River Valley, which are popular destinations for camping and outdoor recreation. Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway, which runs through Logan Canyon, offers stunning views of the canyon walls and waterfalls.


Cache County, established in 1856, was named after a "cache" - a hidden location used by early trappers like Jim Bridger and Peter Skene Ogden to protect their pelts and supplies. Evidence suggests that prehistoric hunters and gatherers may have roamed the area up to 10,000 years ago. The first permanent settlement, Maughan's Fort, was founded by Peter Maughan in Wellsville in 1856. Cache Valley began its growth in 1855 and later benefitted from the opening of new markets for its grain and dairy products with the completion of the Utah Northern Railroad from Brigham City to Logan in 1873.

Cache County reigns as Utah's top agricultural producer, particularly in dairy, grains, hay, and alfalfa. Its county seat, Logan, boasts the prestigious Utah State University (USU) and is home to half of the county's population. Since its establishment in 1888, USU has been a valuable resource for farmers statewide, providing cutting-edge research in agriculture. As the county's largest employer, USU offers diverse academic programs and is a cornerstone of the local cultural scene.


Cache County is home to two large, freshwater lakes: Hyrum Reservoir and Cutler Marsh. These bodies of water attract a wide variety of year-round recreational activities, from fishing and boating to swimming, waterskiing, sailing, and more. The county also encompasses part of the Wasatch Range's Bear River Mountains, offering miles of rugged hiking trails with stunning views.

Cache County is located in the northern part of Utah and is bordered by Idaho to the north, Box Elder County to the east, Weber County to the south, and Rich County to the west. It encompasses an area of approximately 2,346 square miles and features a diverse landscape ranging from rocky mountains and farmlands to urban centers. The county also includes part of the Wasatch Range and is home to several rivers, including the Bear River.

Places of Interest

Beaver Mountain Ski Area

Beaver Mountain Ski Area is located in Cache County and offers a great winter recreation spot for skiing and snowboarding. The area also includes miles of hiking, biking, horseback riding trails, and fishing spots.

Logan Canyon

Logan Canyon is one of Cache County's natural gems and a popular spot for outdoor recreation. The canyon features miles of hiking trails, some of which lead to spectacular waterfalls. It also offers plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities, including golden eagles, mule deer, and moose.

Planning a trip to Cache County

When planning your trip to Cache County, be sure to explore Logan Canyon and Beaver Mountain Ski Area. Enjoy the beauty of Utah's spectacular landscapes and outdoor recreational activities found in the area. Don't forget to sample some of the delicious local cuisine available in Logan's many restaurants. Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, Cache County has something for everyone.
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Cache County offers a variety of lodging options, from cozy bed-and-breakfasts to full-service hotels. Be sure to book your accommodation in advance for the best selection and prices.


Cache County has something for every palate, from classic American cuisine to international delicacies. Enjoy the flavors of local restaurants in Logan or discover the area's unique cultural dishes. With dozens of eateries to choose from, you're sure to find something delicious during your stay.


Cache County experiences all four seasons of the year. Winters can be quite cold, with average temperatures ranging from 10-20°F (-12 to -7°C). Summers are generally mild and pleasant, with temperatures reaching around 80°F (27°C). Spring and fall bring a colorful mix of wildflowers, migrating birds, and changing foliage.
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