Top 5 Benefits for utah Flooding

Author: Mark Wade
It may not be a person's first thought that flooding is not all bad. There are quite a few positive results of flooding from springtime snow melt in Utah.
It may not strike a person at first thought that flooding is not all bad. There are quite a few positive outcomes as a result of flooding and more specifically from springtime snow melt in Utah. Here are the top five flood positives:

Water supply and Waterfalls: Spring snowmelt is an exceptional contributor to water supply in Utah. It is snowmelt that feeds into rivers and streams, replenishes reservoirs, as well as groundwater supplies. These water resources are vital and used for drinking water, irrigation, and more.

One delightful result of this spring snowmelt is waterfalls. The increase of water in more mountainous regions can result in waterfalls that become more rich and full. Regions that don’t usually have waterfalls, like Zion National Park region for example, can experience rare and stunning waterfalls as a result of particularly heavy snowfall years and rain on top of snow. It is a really special and unique experience to enjoy a waterfall gushing with an abundance of water no matter where you find yourself.

Agriculture: As snow melts, it adds moisture to the soil. This is important to crops nearby. The melting snow moisture becomes critical for the survival of crops in the hot and dry summer months. Utah's agricultural industry relies heavily on irrigation that comes from spring snow melt.

Recreation: There are many recreational activities that are only made possible by the water flow that melting snow provides. Sports such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, and fishing all benefit from runoff. It also contributes to hiking and off-roading with stunning waterfalls (as mentioned above) and lush vegetation for those outdoors to enjoy.

Wildlife: Flooding and snow melt is important for the food chain. Melted snow provides a habitable landscape for wildlife. This is especially important in higher elevations. Snow melt also provides drinking water for animals, as well as water for their plant food to grow.

Hydropower: Utah has many hydroelectric plants that utilize energy from snow melt to generate electricity for homes and businesses. Hydropower generated by snowmelt is a very important, clean, and renewable energy source.

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