Watchman Trail

Trail Length: 3 miles out-and-back

Degree of Difficulty: Moderate

Elevation Change: 600 feet

The Watchman is a 6,545 foot sandstone peak in the Main Canyon at Zion National Park. While the Watchman Trail certainly does not summit the landmark, it does offer wonderful views and of the Watchman and other sights along the way and you can stand at your destination on a  300 foot perch on the watchman to enjoy views of the canyon around. 

Hiking The Watchman Trail

The hike begins between the Visitor Center and South Campground as a leisurely stroll along the river then begins a nice gradual incline, to the top of a lookout point and small loop back onto the same trail. This is a popular trail for hiking and trail running. It is less popular and makes a great escape from the crowds of Zion Canyon but still highlights some wonderful views and vantage points.


  • The trail only goes to the viewpoint loop 300 feet up but the original intention was to create a trail to the top.
Zion Ponderosa

Preparing for the watchman

  • There are a few trail edges with drop-offs to be aware of. 


This trail is open year-round. There is a lot of sun exposure on the trail, this can make summer very hot. Spring and fall are moderate and a bit less crowded. The winter sun in Zion can make winter very pleasant but the canyon does get darker faster and a chill with the sun behind the canyon walls.
Zion Ponderosa

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