Explore the ruins of six different villages

Hovenweep National Monument

Stunning landscape of majestic towers, intricate mesas, and deep canyons

5,200 to 6,760 Feet
Hovenweep National Monument is a stunning landscape of majestic towers, intricate mesas, and deep canyons located in southeastern Utah near the Four Corners region. It is an important archaeological site that reveals the ancient history of the people who inhabited this area over 1,000 years ago.

At Hovenweep National Monument, visitors can explore the ruins of six different villages spread out over 20 miles. These villages were built by Ancestral Puebloan people using stone and mortar between 1200 and 1300 AD. The Ancestral Puebloans lived in these communities for about 400 years before leaving for unknown reasons.

Hovenweep National Monument in Montezuma Creek, Utah is a great place to explore and learn about the past. Visitors can take guided tours of the area to get a closer look at the ruins and learn more about the Ancestral Puebloan culture. In addition, there are several different hiking trails that offer stunning views of the canyon and mesa country.

One of the most interesting features of the Hovenweep National Monument is the Square Tower Group. This group of structures features five towers, two kivas, and a great kiva, making it one of the most impressive archaeological sites in America. Each of these structures was built using mortar and rock and is still standing today despite its age.

In addition to exploring the ruins, visitors can also enjoy the scenic landscape of Hovenweep National Monument. The monument is located near the Colorado and San Juan Rivers, offering stunning views of the canyon country and river valleys. Visitors can also find several species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians living in this area as well.


The area is mostly sandstone and shale, with numerous folds and faults. The presence of these structures has made the area a popular destination for geologists, as it offers unique insights into the formation of the Colorado Plateau. Erosion over the years has created many narrow canyons, deep ravines, and towering mesas throughout Hovenweep National Monument. Visitors are often amazed by the majestic beauty formed by the combination of sandstone and erosion. The area is also home to several native plants and animals, making it a great destination for wildlife viewing.


Hovenweep National Monument in Montezuma Creek, Utah was established in 1923 and is managed by the National Park Service. The area has been designated as an International Dark Sky Park, making it a great place to view stars and other astronomical phenomena on clear nights. Many visitors also come to Hovenweep to see its ancient ruins, which offer insight into the lives of the Ancestral Puebloan people who once lived there.


The area is home to several species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Commonly seen wildlife include mule deer, coyotes, ravens and crows. Visitors may spot bobcats, mountain lions or kit foxes on rare occasions. Reptiles such as lizards, snakes and salamanders can also be found in the area.

Planning a trip to Hovenweep National Monument

Planning a trip to Hovenweep National Monument is relatively easy. Visitors will need to obtain a camping permit from the visitor center since much of the monument is designated as a wilderness area. A hiking map and other information about local trails can be obtained from the visitor center as well. Camping, picnicking, and day hikes are all popular activities in the area.

Visitors should also remember to bring plenty of water and wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. The monument is located in a high desert climate, so it can be quite hot during the summer months. Sunscreen and a hat are also recommended.


The nearest lodging and camping are available in the towns of Bluff, Utah and Blanding, Utah. The town has a variety of lodging options including hotels, motels, and private cabins. There are also several RV parks in the area for visitors who prefer to camp.


There are a few restaurants in the towns of Bluff, Utah and Blanding, Utah that offer burgers, sandwiches, and Mexican food. There is also a grocery store where visitors can buy snacks and beverages for their trip.


There are various fees for entering Hovenweep National Monument and they depend on what you're driving and what age you are. There are also various camping fees for guests that want to camp in the area. For more information about fees and permits, visit the national park website for all amounts for Hovenweep National Monument.


Pets are allowed at Hovenweep National Monument as long as they are on a leash and owners pick up after them. Pets must also be kept away from archaeological sites and should never be left alone in the park. It is also important to remember that pets can be affected by heat and cold, so visitors should make sure their pet has adequate water and shelter.

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