Home to many generations

History of Cedar City

Cedar City has had a variety of industries.

Cedar City, Utah is a small city located in the southwestern part of the state. It was founded in 1851 by Mormon pioneers and has been home to many generations of settlers since then. Throughout its history, Cedar City has had a variety of industries including coal mining and livestock production. The opening of Iron County Coal Mine in 1881 was the beginning of a period of rapid growth for Cedar City.

Prehistoric and Native American History

Before the arrival of the settlers in Cedar City, the area was home to a variety of Native American tribes. The Paiute and Anasazi tribes are believed to have lived in this region as early as 1000 BC. Evidence of their habitation can be found throughout the city, particularly near Coal Creek where there are ancient rock art panels depicting images of animals and people. These Native American tribes left behind a unique cultural legacy that is still visible today. Fossil remains of mastodons and mammoths have been found in the area, suggesting a much older period of habitation.

Mining History

The discovery of coal in Cedar City's Iron County Coal Mine in 1881 led to a period of rapid growth for the city. The mine was the largest in Utah and rapidly became one of the most important sources of fuel energy for the entire state. The coal industry provided jobs to many people, and soon other industries began to develop around it. The first railroad line in that area was built in 1895 to connect Cedar City with the mining town of Parowan. The coal industry played a major role in the development of Cedar City, and even today it remains an important part of the local economy. Cedar City's mining history is deeply rooted in its past, and its residents continue to be proud of their heritage.

Early Pioneer History

In 1851, a group of Mormon pioneers led by Isaac Haight and Erastus Snow arrived in Cedar City and began the process of founding a community. The settlement was named Fort Cedar after the abundance of cedar trees in the area. The fort quickly became an important way station for travelers on the Old Spanish Trail and later, the Pony Express. As the town grew, it became an important center for education and religion. The LDS Church established a seminary in 1892 and Southern Utah University was founded in 1897. Cedar City's early pioneers laid the foundation for a vibrant and prosperous city that has continued to grow over the past 160 years. The pioneer history of Cedar City is still evident today in its architecture, community events, and culture.

Cedar City in the Twentieth Century

By the early twentieth century, Cedar City had become a thriving farming and ranching center. The discovery of uranium in nearby Iron County in the 1950s further boosted the local economy and helped to modernize the city. In recent years, Cedar City has become increasingly popular with tourists as its location is close to many of Utah's national parks and recreational areas. The city is also home to the Utah Shakespeare Festival, a summer theater festival that has been running since 1962 and continues to attract thousands of visitors each year.

Cedar City Today

Today, Cedar City remains a small but vibrant community with many attractions for both locals and visitors alike. It boasts a rich history as well as modern amenities and entertainment options. With its beautiful mountain views, cultural attractions, and outdoor recreation opportunities, Cedar City is a great place to visit and to call home.

Cedar City's rich past has shaped it into the city it is today - one full of culture, history and natural beauty. As you explore this unique city, you'll see how each period of its past has contributed to the vibrant and welcoming community it is today. From its early beginnings as a mining town to its modern attractions and outdoor recreation opportunities, Cedar City offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or an exciting adventure in the great outdoors, Cedar City has everything you need. So come explore this unique and interesting city and experience its history, culture, and beauty for yourself.