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Considered Utah’s central Hub, Richfield is the home base for exploring all of Central Utah’s wonderful sights. This amenity-rich city meets the needs of travelers while offering an abundance of breathtaking scenery. Richfield is popular getaway for outdoor enthusiasts.


In 1864, the city of Richfield was first settled by just ten men. They named it “Big Springs” or “Warm Springs” after the life-giving spring they found at the foot of the red hills. However, the city’s name was eventually changed to Richfield as a way of honoring the area’s fertile soil.

Thanks to the development of businesses, hotels, restaurants, railroad services, and other amenities, the city has grown into a thriving shopping and cultural hub. Travelers now come from all over to experience Richfield’s unique cultural sites and outdoor attractions.

Things To Do

Richfield visitors usually spend their time exploring historic Main Street’s local shops, hotels, and eateries. However, there are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had just beyond its borders. This vibrant city is surrounded by thrilling hiking opportunities, fishing, natural hot springs, and one of the country’s best ATV trails, the Paiute.

Locals love to spend their time enjoying Richfield’s many parks, shopping their way through downtown, and exploring the rugged outdoors.

Planning your trip to Richfield Utah

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Because Richfield is considered the hub of Central Utah, there are ample lodging accommodations available. Whether you’re seeking luxury resorts, affordable inns, or scenic campgrounds, Richfield has more than enough to choose from for all types of travelers and budgets.


From sports bars to quiet cafes, Richfield has plenty of options for whatever you’re in the mood for. While there are some familiar chain restaurants, the city has plenty of local favorites as well. The Richfield dining scene is not one to be missed.


The shopping opportunities in Richfield can’t be beat. Richfield has some of the best antique stores, souvenir shops, and clothing boutiques in the state. No trip to Richfield would be complete without a stroll down Main Street to stock up on souvenirs for your friends and family.


Downtown Richfield is incredibly walkable, but you’ll need access to a car to truly take advantage of all the amazing excursions and opportunities that the town offers. If you’re feeling adventurous, plan to rent an ATV and take it out to the famous Paiute Trail. The 275-mile trail is loaded with remarkable sights to see from end to end.


Richfield has four distinct seasons with summers that are hot, dry, and mostly clear, and winters that are mostly dry, freezing, and cloudy. If you’re visiting Richfield for its outdoor adventure opportunities, you will want to plan your trip during the warmer months.


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