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An Incredible Lakeside Getaway.

5,968 Feet
Nestled along the turquoise waters of Bear Lake, Garden City is known by many as the “Caribbean of the Rockies.” This charming town boasts a wide range of impressive scenery from its elevation of 5,968 feet. While thousands of tourists visit Garden City each year, the town’s population is just 600 people.


A group of Mormon settlers founded Garden City in 1877 as a branch of the Church. Wright A. Moore, one of the town’s founders, gave it the name because he believed that they lived “in a city of beautiful gardens.” In 1979, the town merged with the neighboring town of Pickelville, and the population began to grow. Today this city is known as a vibrant tourist hot spot.

Things To Do

Garden City is a thriving tourist destination. Thousands of people visit each year to enjoy the beaches of Bear Lake and bask in the awe-inspiring views. However, lakeside fun is just the beginning of what Garden City has to offer. Hiking, ATV riding, golfing, and horseback riding are among the many popular activities. If you visit Garden City during the winter months, you’ll find that it boasts a marvelous ski area as well. Bear Lake is world-renowned for its incredible raspberries and Garden City hosts an annual Raspberry Days festival in celebration. The festival usually takes place during the late summer months. However, with a downtown area that is bursting with local shops, exquisite cuisine, and fun-filled attractions, there’s plenty to do in any season.
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Planning your trip to Garden City

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From luxurious lodges to HOA campgrounds, there are accommodations for every type of traveler. While personal preference determines whether you choose a downtown inn or a lakeside campground, there are beautiful views to be discovered no matter where you choose to stay.


Because of such a thriving tourism industry, there is a horde of local restaurants, bars, and cafes to keep visitors satisfied. From crepes and sweet potato fries to tostadas, foodies with eager taste buds will surely be pleased with Garden City’s selection of dining options.


If you’re looking for a souvenir, you can find it in one of Garden City’s local shops and galleries. Not only does downtown have plenty of shops to choose from, but Bear Lake also offers a variety of local boutiques and novelty shops for visitors to peruse.


Garden City is located just two hours from Salt Lake City. While you can take a bus to get there, we recommend renting a car or bringing your own. If you enjoy cycling, don’t forget your bicycle because Garden City has endless miles of trails to explore.


In Garden City, the summers are short, dry, and hot, and the winters are long and snowy. If you’re planning a trip, we recommend visiting from June to August, as many of the popular tourist attractions are geared towards warmer weather. Garden City visitors can expect temperatures to hover around the low 80s during the summertime.


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