Over 500 Inches of Yearly Snowfall

Powder Mountain Ski Resort

About 30 minutes from Ogden Utah.

Powder Mountain (aka Pow Mow) is a hole-in-the-wall resort that the locals try and keep to themselves. It boasts 8,464 acres of skiable terrain, yet has only 154 trails and nine lifts (six chairs and three surface tows). As you can probably guess, there is off-piste terrain galore. Powder Mountain has a peak elevation of 9,422 ft and prides itself on not needing snowmakers (hence the name), considering it receives 500+ inches of snowfall each year.
During a visit, you can find accommodations either on the mountain or down in the Ogden Valley. As long as you’re okay with ski-in ski-out and forgoing the nightlife, the former is an excellent option. Most of the on-mountain lodging comes in the form of condos and vacation rentals, where four-wheel-drive cars are strongly advised.

Powder Mountain is an incredible resort to practice skiing trees but does not offer many evening entertainment options or dining facilities. The only real dining option is Sundown Lodge, which serves pizza, burgers, and other traditional American dishes. The Powder Keg at the resort center is the only pub on the mountain. This is an aprés-ski bar in the truest sense, as it closes at 6 pm.

Pow Mow offers plenty of guided tours of the off-piste zones and guided backcountry tours. Snow-kitting and heli-skiing are also popular if those are things that you’re interested in trying out. You can access the resort via your Indy Pass, Gold Pass, Yeti Pass, or Ski Utah Passport.
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