Come Ride the Magic Carpet

Nordic Valley

A great ski resort near Ogden Utah.

Nordic Valley is ideal for anyone looking to ski a foot of premium powder with just a handful of other people and 1,000 ft of vertical for the price of a couple of burgers. It is a petite resort with only 110 acres, three lifts, and one magic carpet. Sitting at a peak elevation of 6,398 ft, Nordic Valley gets over 300 inches of snow each year. You can visit using your Yeti Pass, Gold Pass, Power Pass, or Ski Utah Passport.
Nordic Valley doesn’t have any lodging accommodations on-site, though you can find plenty in the nearby towns of Eden, Huntsville, and Ogden. Sticking to the quaint theme, there is just one base lodge located on the mountain with one affordably priced cafeteria. Therefore, if you’re looking for restaurants, bars, and entertainment options, you’ll have to venture out to Eden or Ogden. (Pro tip: the top local restaurants in the area are Alpine Pizza and Wolf Creek Dining Room in Ogden.)

The only nightlife Nordic Valley offers is night skiing until 9 pm. However, they do host several events throughout the year, including holiday festivities and Valley Locals Days for the residents of Eden, Huntsville, and Liberty.
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