Canyoneering is the exploration of slot canyons. Slot canyons are an incredible and unique formation found very few places in the world. Utah and the Zion National Park area is home to some of the most spectacular slot canyons in the world.
slot canyon
Slot canyons are a beautiful adventure. Some canyons can be explored with little to no canyoneering skills necessary others may require having rappelling and more developed canyoneering skills.

Preparing for slot canyons

Slot canyons can have standing water. It is important to be prepared to encounter water when entering a slot canyon. Sometimes the canyon will be completely dry, other times you may have to travel through water. Water shoes and clothes that dry quickly are always a good idea.


It is very important to be aware of weather. Slot canyons are infamous for flash floods. Heavy rain in the desert regions where you find slot canyons, enters into the slots. There is lots of water and it moves fast and can be deadly. If you are new to canyoneering, be sure to call a local authority and ensure that it is a safe time to enter a slot canyon.